Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser
will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’

Google Announcement – Emily Schechter, Chrome Security Product Manager


How do I know I have a secured https website or not?

  1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or what ever you normally use), and navigate to your website.
  2. Look in your browser’s top address bar for “https://” at the beginning of your website’s address. (example: https://mywebsiteaddress.com
  3. If your website address begins with httpthen your website is secured with SSL, if your website address begins with http (without s at the end) then you need to buy SSL certificate. (example: http://mywebsiteaddress.com)

Standard SSL Certificates

  • Secures a single web domain
  • Authenticates identity of domain owner
  • Boosts search engine ranking
  • Adds padlock to web browser showing online communications to be secured
  • Ideal for blogs & personal websites

Extended Validation

  • Secures single web domain
  • Offer higher degree of authentication over Standard SSL certificates
  • Requires more evaluation & documentation checks
  • Validation includes manual steps to confirm web domain identity, ownership, location, and authorization

Wildcard SSL Certificates

  • Secures single domain to include unlimited number of first-level sub-domains.  Examples:
  • mydomain.com , mail.mydomain.com, yourblog.mydomain.com
  • Displays Green address bar
  • Secures both mydomain.com & www.mydomain.com

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

  • Use Subject Alternative Names (SAN) certificates to secure unlimited domains & sub-domains.
  • Ideal for securing names across multiple domains and sub-domains.
  • Examples:
    • mydomain.com,  anotherdomain2.com, mynextdomain3.com, mail.mydomain.com
  • Allows running multiple services on a single dedicated IP address.
  • Capable of securing messaging services:
    • SMTP,  ActiveSync, Microsoft Outlook

SSL Certificate Features

  SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
  The strongest on the market
  Unlimited 24/7 Security Support
  Compatible with all major browsers
  Protects unlimited servers
  Up to 1 million USD liability protection
  Works on www.site.com + site.com
  Includes Trust Seal
  SSL Reissuance

SSL Certificate Benefits

  Secure your website
  Boost your Google rank
  Compatible with Google Chrome 2018
  Gain customer confidence
  Safely accept credit cards on your website
  Safe user registration & forms
  Supports ALL website types
  Supports E commerce Websites
  Offers Added Brand Power

SSL Prices

We offer an affordable and secured SSL Certification which include installation, configuration, and website pages check to ensure all the pages on your website are accessible through https, and properly recognized by Google search engine.

$97 per year


  • Strong SHA2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Complete Installation & Setup
  • Pages Checkup
  • Automatic Renewal
  • Fast Delivery
  • All types of websites including WordPress
  • Boosts your site’s Google ranking
  • Unlimited 24/7 Security Support
  • Secures up to 1 websites

$97 per year

You can order our service now and pay us later.

  • Strong SHA2 & 2048-bit encryption
  • Complete Installation & Setup
  • Pages Checkup
  • Automatic Renewal
  • 2 to 4 days deliver | depend on orders in queue
  • All types of websites including WordPress
  • Boosts your site’s Google ranking
  • Contact us if you have more than website


SSL Frequently asked questions


How do I install my SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate installation requires a certain level of experience and training, and although it’s a straight forward process its very important that it is done perfectly to ensure maximum security. Thats why we offer a free installation, configuration, setup and testing, so you do not have to do anything except sending us your order.

How long does it take to complete SSL Certificate Installation?

From the time you place your order and send us your website information, it takes 2-3 business days to complete the process. You will be notified via email as soon as your SSL is active.

Does your SSL Certificate support WordPress websites?

Our SSL Certificate supports all types of websites, including WordPress, Joomla, HTML, ASP.net, etc…

Will my website have any down time during the installation?

Not at all. Installing an SSL Certificate does not effect your website connectivity therefore you will not experience any down time.

Will my emails still work?

Your emails will not be effected what so ever, and you will have 0 down time.

What information will you need from me?

Basic contact information, and access to your current web hosting company (username, and password), so that we can install the SSL Certificate on your domain.

Will any of my information be shared with anyone?

Absolutely NOT. Only our SSL specialists will have access to your order information and after the SSL Certificate is installed you can change your web hosting passwords if you like.


How many separate domains can I protect with 1 SSL Certificate?

You can protect 1 domain.


Will installing SSL certificate change my website address?

Technically yes, but it will not effect your website visitors, because part of the our professional SSL Certificate Installation, we will be directing all of your old http links to the new secured https links.

How will my Google rank change?

Google Search Engines favors HTTPS-encrypted websites and will push them higher in search results. So an SSL not only protects your customers but helps you find more of them, as your rank will be get higher on google search results.

Where are you located?

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Do you have more questions?

Please feel to contact us: Email: info@mediaclick.com.au    or via phone : (02) 91 883 993

ABN: 52 6204 421 04  
Address :
8B/9 Lyn Parade, Prestons, NSW, 2170
Phone : 02 91 883 993
Mobile : 0449844786
Email: info@mediaclick.com.au

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