Should I build a free DIY website?

there are a number of these services offered on the market, and if you have the time and aptitude you can create a nice looking website. This is well suited to small sole traders, hobbyists, or someone looking to showcase an idea visually. The main issue with these sites is that while they are getting better all the time, typically they aren’t well suited to search engine optimisation (SEO), they aren’t really commercial grade, and they tend to all look the same. Cheap and cheerful is probably an apt summary.

Should I get my website built offshore?

typically this is a bit of a lottery; we have seen the odd good result from this approach and a large number of shockers. There is also often a hidden “mine” waiting to explode down the track with these developments. Typically most of these developments are done in WordPress as it’s easy to learn and cheap. Normally you start with the core WordPress base and add on modules to suit. However as these developments are typically built in low labour cost environments, what is also typical is that rather than purchase the best plug in, a cheaper one is often used and customised by the cheap local labour to the “nth degree”.